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  • Kabam Presentation Tableau Conference 2015
    November 9, 2015

    We hope you enjoyed Tableau Conference 2015 in Las Vegas last month. Our customer, Kabam, presented a great session on the use of Metric Insights with Tableau to provide realtime, data-driven anomaly detection and alerting. Learn how they are able to react immediately to any critical events happening on their gaming platform and see a Read More…

  • Guest Post: The Police State of Data
    September 17, 2015

    Guest Blog By Jeffrey Dell from BIPB As data percolates to the top of the corporate structure, it passes through so many layers of processes and delays that it is oftentimes moot. Key Performance/Risk Indicators (KPI/KRIs) are, as the name suggests, vital to the operation of any institution. For these metrics to remain effective they Read More…

  • Webinar: Metric Insights Push Intelligence Platform for Mobile
    August 21, 2015

    This week we demonstrated Metric Insights Push Intelligence Platform for Mobile. Optimized for iOS, Android, Apple Watch and Android Wear, the Metric Insights mobile platform delivers the right data to end users at the right time—in the most consumable way possible. We enjoyed demonstrating all our exciting features of the mobile platform, and appreciated all Read More…

"The ability ...with Metric Insights... to customize who sees what data, to make decisions to drive the business and to do our population health management, is critical"
Dr Pamela Peele
Chief Analytics Officer at UPMC
"Metrics Insights is that little voice in your ear saying, 'something might be wrong here'"
Charles Boicey
Information Solutions Architect at UCI
"I use Push Intelligence to deliver Big Data analytics to hundreds of external partners. It is incredibly easy to use and requires very little training and support "
Jonathan Shar, General Manager, Emerging Digital Content at Barnes & Noble, Inc.


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Tableau 9.0 Launch Road Show San Diego  – April 7th 1pm PST

Tableau 9.0 Release and Product Features

Tableau 9.0 Launch Road Show Los Angeles  – April 9th 1pm PST

Tableau 9.0 Release and Product Features