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  • Finding the Balance Between Big Data and Bad Data
    April 14, 2014

    Big data may have permeated the enterprise, but the space where human judgment meets data still needs work. The recent Target security breach and the GM court case are demonstrating the extreme effects of ignoring data—or else not paying attention to the right data. Target’s IT staff chose to ignore the breach warnings issued by Read More…

  • Webinar Recording: Advanced Alerting
    April 4, 2014

    For those that couldn’t attend our webinar this week, you can watch our recording below. Learn about advanced alerting techniques that will help drive user engagement with data in your organization. Uncover the headlines in your data so that users can focus on the metrics that are important to them.  

  • Webinar 3rd April, 10am PST: Advanced KPI Alerting
    March 31, 2014

    - 3rd April, 10am PST – With the current buzz of Big Data, businesses have been focused on collecting as much data as possible to run their operations.  Now is the time for them to try and generate value out of that data by understanding which Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are important to their employees Read More…

"The ability ...with Metric Insights... to customize who sees what data, to make decisions to drive the business and to do our population health management, is critical"
Dr Pamela Peele
Chief Analytics Officer at UPMC
"Metrics Insights is that little voice in your ear saying, 'something might be wrong here'"
Charles Boicey
Information Solutions Architect at UCI
"I use Push Intelligence to deliver Big Data analytics to hundreds of external partners. It is incredibly easy to use and requires very little training and support "
Jonathan Shar, General Manager, Emerging Digital Content at Barnes & Noble, Inc.


Happening soon

Webinar: Metric Insights & InterWorks – Push Intelligence For Tableau 29th April 11am PST
Hear some best practices from our partner InterWorks and learn how you can driven maximum user engagement with your Tableau environment with data-driven alerting and email bursting.