Metric Insights is the leader in Push Intelligence.


Provide everyone simple access to actionable, timely, and relevant information to facilitate smart decisions. Every person has a contribution to make; we provide the means to do it by placing data in the hands of every user.

Our Culture

We know that both diligence and passion are necessary for innovation to take shape. We embrace creative risk-taking and the willingness to be fearless.

We are building a culture of transparency and integrity where critical feedback and spirited discussion is welcome and diverse thinking is celebrated. We are assembling a strong team with good intentions to create a product that has the foresight to find and deliver the information that is relevant to our customers. We recognize that only with respectful ego-less collaboration can we achieve greatness together.

Corporate info

Metric Insights is a privately-held and profitable company based in San Francisco, CA, with a development facility in Kiev, Ukraine. It is staffed by a group of professionals and software engineers who are passionate about building easy-to-use solutions around complicated problems.

What we believe

We celebrate the power of information. We believe that accessing the right information at the right time to make smart decisions should be essentially effortless. We empower our customers to effectively cut through data clutter so that they can benefit from intelligent data-driven decisions.

Great products are brought to life when bold ideas are shaped in the crucible of relentless, continuous improvement.

Company Background

Metric Insights was founded in 2010 by Marius Moscovici with the goal of transforming the way business intelligence is performed so that organizations of any size can quickly and easily deploy powerful analytics. Marius has over 20 years of experience in analytics and data warehousing and was previously the co-founder and CEO of Integral Results, a leading business intelligence consulting company that was acquired by Idea Integration. Marius also formed and led the data warehousing and real-time-analytics group at Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life.