New Partnership with Google Cloud Platform

Metric Insights today announced it has joined the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program as a Technology Partner. Metric Insights provides a self-service business intelligence (BI) portal that connects context to data. Instead of presenting data in a vacuum, the product delivers business users instant insight into how events impact key metrics. BI professionals benefit from a solution that supports multiple data sources, internal and external users, is integrated with Google BigQuery, and can be implemented in hours instead of weeks or months.

“The Google Cloud Platform Partner Program enables us to integrate our product offerings for Business Intelligence with the power of the Google Cloud Platform,” said Marius Moscovici, CEO of Metric Insights Inc. The Google Cloud Platform offers a broad set of application development, cloud storage, large scale computing, and big data capabilities that provides us with a complete solution to meet customers’ big data visualization and collaboration needs.

“It is remarkable how short our time-to-value was on this project,” says John Zdanowski, COO PixelFish, a Metric Insights and Google BigQuery customer. “With less than 8 hours of effort, we had data loaded into BigQuery and produced a rich dashboard of insightful metrics and reports.”

More about Google Cloud Platform

Google’s Cloud Platform products enable customers to implement:
Cloud app solutions, such as mobile apps, social apps, business process apps, and websites, using Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL.
Cloud storage solutions, such as high-end backup and recovery, active archiving, global file sharing/collaboration, and primary SAN/NAS, using Google Cloud Storage.
Large-scale computing solutions, such as batch processing, data processing and high performance computing using Google Compute Engine.
Big data solutions, such as interactive tools, trend detection and BI dashboards, using Google BigQuery and Google Prediction API.

“To help customers get the most out of our cloud platform products,” explains Eric Morse, Head of Sales and Business Development, for Google’s Cloud Platform, “we work closely with technology companies, like Metric Insights, that provide powerful complementary solutions integrated with our platform.”

The Google Cloud Platform Partner Program includes Technology Partners such as ISVs and SaaS vendors, platform companies, management and development tools vendors, analytics providers, business intelligence and ETL vendors, and storage specialists. These partners offer complementary technologies that have already been integrated to provide customers with powerful new solutions on top of Google’s Cloud Platform. For more information on Metric Insights and our cloud-integrated solutions, please visit

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