Revolutionary Technology Compliments Existing BI and Big Data Tools, Delivers Actionable Insights Instantly

Push Intelligence

Metric Insights today announced its PI Platform™ offering, the
pioneering product for delivering Push Intelligence (PI), at the
Hadoop Innovation Summit. By pioneering the Push Intelligence
category, Metric Insights is addressing the key challenges that limit
the effectiveness of conventional Business Intelligence (BI) and Big
Data tools. Metric Insights’ PI Platform delivers the proactive
distribution of personalized data and context to any user from any
data source — from spreadsheets to Big Data — enabling everyone to
make informed decisions quickly and easily. A demonstration of the
solution can be seen at Metric Insights’ booth at the Hadoop
Innovation Summit in San Diego on February 20th and 21st. Steve Mock,
Metric Insights’ COO, will be chairing the Summit.

Push Intelligence is a response to every organization’s need to share
critical data with many constituencies — including employees, partners
and customers. Today, only a tiny fraction of business data is
transformed into useful, actionable insights because users are
expected to hunt for information and context. As a result, many
organizations fail to realize the value of their investments in data
warehousing, business intelligence and Big Data Analysis.

“I use Push Intelligence to deliver Big Data analytics to hundreds of
external publishers,” says Jonathan Shar, General Manager, Emerging
Digital Content at Barnes & Noble. “It is incredibly easy to use and
requires very little training and support.”

Push Intelligence delivers actionable information to users in an easy
to digest format, with rich context and collaboration. The reason and
meaning behind a trend or anomaly is immediately understood. Users
don’t waste time hunting for the right report or waiting for a report
to load. Information and insights are delivered to people where they
live, not posted somewhere in the hopes that someone will uncover them
and take action. Predictive analytics and realtime analytics promise
to turn business intelligence data into actionable insight but to
realize these benefits a business must push insight and intelligence
out to its employees.” says Maribel Lopez, Principal Analyst, Lopez
Research. “It is a compliment to every Big Data and Business
Intelligence solution.”

Metric Insights’ patented PI platform augments, rather than replaces,
traditional Business Intelligence systems. It delivers metric and
event correlation, rapid integration of new data sources, statistical
alerts, personalization, and advanced collaboration features – all of
which are key elements required to deliver Push Intelligence. “Push
Intelligence supports conversations around key business metrics and
events, and makes it easy for key stakeholders at all levels to
understand what happened, see who’s taking actions, monitor the
results, and plan ahead,” said Marius Moscovici, Founder & CEO, Metric

The PI Platform product, delivered either as enterprise
software or as a Software-as-a-Service, is available immediately.

More about Metric Insights

Metric Insights is the pioneer of Push Intelligence(PI). The PI Platform™ proactively distributes personalized data from any data source — from spreadsheets to Big Data — to anyone, enabling everyone to make informed decisions quickly and easily. By combining data sources with event data and annotations, vital insights become apparent to everyone across an organization and its key stakeholders. Get started in 60 minutes or less by visiting www.metricinsights.com for a free evaluation.

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