San Francisco, CA (Sep 26, 2013) – Metric Insights announced today at the O’Reilly Strata Rx Conference in Boston, that University of California, Irvine (UCI) Health Services has become a leading data-driven healthcare organization using Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence Platform. A UCI case study and demonstration of the Metric Insights solution can be seen at Metric Insights’ booth#216 in the exhibit hall at the O’Reilly Strata Rx Conference in Boston from September 26th-27th.

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UCI on how they use Metric Insights

UC Irvine Health Services has become a leading data-driven healthcare organization through a number of evolutionary steps over the past decade. They have implemented Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence Platform to deliver critical information to executives and administrators from all their Big Data and operational data sources. Metric Insights proactively alerts users to significant change in the metrics that are relevant to them and provides that information with context around why changes happened. With new data-driven regulations challenging healthcare organizations’ bottom line, the Metric Insights Push Intelligence platform ensures that healthcare professionals have instant access to the information they need to conform to those regulations.

“We are excited that UCI Irvine is using our platform. By putting the data in everyone’s hands, hospitals can take actions quickly to improve their readmission rates, use of EMR data, and any other mission-critical healthcare analytics,” says Marius Moscovici, Founder and CEO of Metric Insights. “The age of an analyst in the back office being the only one with access to the data is over.”

About Metric Insights

Metric Insights ( bridges the last mile to Business Intelligence and Big Data. Metric Insights lets your users cut through the noise, focus immediately on the critical business issues that warrant their attention, and take action. Our Push Intelligence platform connects quickly and easily to your existing business intelligence tools, big data and SaaS applications. Metric Insights uniquely delivers a patented KPI Warehouse, collaboration and notification technologies that tell you when your key business metrics have changed, and, more importantly, why.

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