Strata Hadoop Big Data Award

About the award:

New York, NY (Oct, 29, 2013) Metric Insights has been selected as the 1st place winner by a panel of judges, made up of leading investors, at this years Strata + Hadoop World Startup Showcase in NYC.  Steve Mock, COO, presented the company’s innovative Push Intelligence platform, that cuts through the noise of Big Data, to tell business users what they need to know, when they need to know it.

This win is an especially prestigious award as Metric Insights was selected as one of 12 startup finalists to showcase their technology to leading investors, press and conference attendees.  Metric Insights emerged as the leader in this group of finalists, winning the judges 1st place award, with its leading Push Intelligence technology. See details here.

Metrics Insights CEO, Marius Moscovici, said “Metric Insights is honored to win this prestigious, Big Data award in what is a very hot and competitive space.  Our patented technology is changing the way our customers consume data.  Big Data provides a unique opportunity for businesses to become truly data driven, but the existing dashboard approach to data is broken.  Users are drowning in dashboards and have no chance of finding what’s important to them.  Here at Metric Insights we are solving that problem with a personal approach to data, empowering business users to know when the metrics they care about are changing, and why.  We are excited to be recognized for our work.

Metric Insights was announced as the winner of this showcase at the Strata Conference + Hadoop World taking place in New York City.  Using its leading Push Intelligence platform, Metric Insights integrates with Big Data platforms along with all other data sources, to deliver the key metrics that matter to each user within an organization.

View the Metric Insights Startup Showcase interview with COO, Steve Mock, here.

About Metric Insights:

Metric Insights ( bridges the last mile to Business Intelligence and Big Data. Metric Insights lets your users cut through the noise, focus immediately on the critical business issues that warrant their attention, and take action. Our Push Intelligence platform connects quickly and easily to your existing business intelligence tools, big data and SaaS applications. Metric Insights uniquely delivers a patented KPI warehouse, collaboration and notification technologies that tell you when your key business metrics have changed, and, more importantly, why.

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