Scheduling Report Delivery for a Group of Users

If you put some reports into a Favorite folder, Metric Insights will email them to you every morning. This is one our most popular features. When your colleagues learn about it, they might ask you to set them up as well. In this issue of Tips & Tricks, we’ll show you how.

Let’s say you have a set of reports that you’d like to send to the management team on a weekly basis. Continue reading for the steps to do it.

User Groups

The first thing to do is to create a group. Let’s call it ‘Management’. Put all of the management team members into the Management group.

The nice thing about groups is that every member automatically inherits the features of the group. In this case, the feature that we’re interested in is access to a shared folder, which we’ll create next.

Favorites Folder

Put your reports into a new Favorite folder. Provided that you’ve enabled email notification, Metric insights will send these reports to you every morning. All we need to do now is 1) schedule the reports to be delivered weekly instead of daily; and 2) send the reports to the management team instead of to you.

Delivery Schedule

To change the delivery schedule, open your Preferences, go the Favorites section, and click the edit gear next to your new Favorite folder.

Set the folder to be delivered upon trigger completion and then select a weekly trigger. (You can create a new trigger if you like.)


Sending the reports to the management team is easy: just share your Favorite folder with the Management group. The members of the group will automatically inherit the shared folder, along with the delivery schedule that you specified in step #3.

Excluding From Favorites

If you don’t want to receive the weekly emails yourself, you can exclude your new Favorite folder from your Favorite Digest. Just edit the folder and set ‘Include in Digest’ to ‘No’. (This change will have no impact on the Management group unless you re-share the folder.)

Note that the weekly trigger in step #3 is used for delivery scheduling only. Your reports can be updated on any schedule you like, independent of this trigger.

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