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Big data has gone mainstream

The variety, volume and velocity of data streaming across your desk have reached unprecedented levels. This exponential growth challenges even the most data driven managers. With the massive quantity of available BI tools, such as dashboards and reports, you have powerful ways to drive your business. Yet, you may find adoption and usage of these tools declining, making it more difficult to identify problems and create solutions. Push Intelligence takes big data to the next level by alerting users to critical exceptions and problems in real time. Through email and mobile notifications, you gain instant advantage and control over potential obstructions and setbacks.

Push Intelligence

Push Intelligence examines big data to discover critical patterns, hidden correlations and other crucial information to provide you with the ability to catch exceptions. Data scientists and other staff can analyze massive quantities of data that traditional business intelligence solutions and conventional analytics cannot compute. Many organizations amass billions of rows of digital data with hundreds of millions of permutations in multiple formats and abundant data warehouses. Push Intelligence focuses on digesting this massive amount of data and monitoring it consistently so you will be alerted instantly of abnormalities and errors, along with a pinpointed cause. It has the capability to sift through and combine the data into pertinent exceptions reports, giving you valuable insight into circumvent obstacles.

Your organization accumulates and collects terabytes of digital data to study it in full context. Yet, what good is the data if the next big blowout slips through the cracks, and you catch the error long after it has grown almost out of control? With the advancement of Push Intelligence, the latest in computing technology allows you to grasp even the most complex and challenging business problems, identify the causes and create solutions instantly. It provides you the tools for quicker, simpler problem solving. With predictive analytics, high-performance data mining, forecasting, text mining and optimization of big data, by integrating with Push Intelligence, you can take the helm and effectively design solutions and make informed business decisions.

Most CEOs are fully versed in analytics, metrics and spreadsheets. Metrics such as cost per follower, cost per lead, or cost per page may be important to the marketing team, but a comprehensive program to analyze the massive quantities of data that also provides alerts to problems in their infancy is what today’s CEOs need. Push Intelligence delivers that solution and delivers real value to the bottom line.

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