Metric Insights 4.0

We are proud to announce the latest edition of Metric Insights, Version 4.0.  This new version adds powerful new features to surface key insights and notify you of critical changes in your data.

Highlights include:

  • A new analytical tool, Change Reports
  • Expanded anomaly detection algorithms and alerting administration
  • A new, interactive charting engine
  • Customizable homepage options
  • iOS and Android mobile support for iPad


Change Reports

Change reports are a powerful new feature on the platform. Instead of requiring someone to scan for significant changes in reports from day-to-day, change reports capture snapshots of data and automatically surface any new rows, any rows that have been removed, or any rows where values have changed. The setup is done through an easy-to-use GUI and can be applied over any comparison period (e.g. hour-to-hour, day-to-day, week-to-week)

change-reportImagine being able to easily see what is contributing to your changing sales pipeline everyday, whether it be new opportunities added, opportunities that have been pushed out, deals that have changed in value, or deals that you’re winning or losing.  The new Metric Insights change reports will easily surface this type of information for your users.


Anomaly Detection

Save time and get notified when important things happen in your data. Version 4.0 simplifies the process of detecting anomalies across thousands of data points. New and powerful out-of-the-box algorithms can be configured in a few easy steps and applied globally across your metrics. This advanced anomaly detection ensures your users are only getting the information they need, and nothing more.



Dynamic Charting

Smart companies empower their employees with the right tools to make data-driven decisions. A clear, compelling data narrative provides the right context to those decisions. MI 4.0 includes a completely new javascript charting engine that delivers interactive views into the anomalies that have been found, overlaid with the context required to tell the whole story.

Additionally from any chart, you can compare multiple metrics easily with overlays, drill-down on any data point for deeper dimensional context, and automatically see what other content may have changed across all your data in relation to any anomalies.


Homepage Updates

In addition to a new list view of your metrics, Metric Insights now allows you to create your own custom layouts, with dynamic resizing and display of content on the homepage. Drag-and-drop your charts to create a custom layout, and easily resize them to show as much information as needed. Our new list view bubbles up the most recent and relevant metric changes to your homepage. As one of our beta customers said, “I love it — it’s like the front page of my business.”


Mobile 4.0

Get notified and collaborate wherever you are — now on iPad. This new app expands our existing portfolio of iOS and Android-based apps. The main UI has been streamlined to allow quick scanning over the highlights in your data, with the ability to drill deeper and collaborate on individual charts and alerts.

Join our webinar on the 3rd March to see these new features in action.  Register here.

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