We are excited to announce the latest edition of Metric Insights, Version 5.3! Version 5.3 comes with a few notable features.

Slack App Integration

Metric Insights now integrates with Slack. The goal is to introduce your BI content into the conversations that your users are having, helping them answer key questions with data.

  • Searches can be performed in Slack to easily find content that you have within Metric Insights. The app will suggest all content related to your search, allowing you to then share it with other users.
  • The Metric Insights app will listen to conversations is selected channels. Using natural language processing, it will suggest content to the user if it recognizes that there may be relevant data in Metric Insights that will help answer their questions.
  • Alerts can be delivered to Slack when anomalies or exceptions are found.

Alert Simulator

Implementing alerting on your data is critical in some cases to ensure that events in the data aren’t missed and that issues get dealt with immediately. The challenge is to ensure you use alert rules that capture issues, while at the same time minimizing false positives.

In 5.3 we have introduced the ability to simulate alert rules based on historical data. Doing this lets you easily see how many times an alert would have fired, in order to tune alert rules, and ensure that you are not spamming your users, but still capturing critical events.

Dataset Reports

Dataset Reports feature a variety of new dynamic Reporting capabilities. Users can easily create formatted reports that look and feel as needed when displayed in the application, or when sent via email.

To learn more about these features and see what else came with this release, please click here.

We will also be hosting a webinar on 5.3 on August 31st at 10 am PST. Register here.

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