Today, Metric Insights and Collâgiate Analytics announced a partnership to implement Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence Platform.

San Francisco, CA (August 30th, 2018)– Today, Metric Insights and Collâgiate Analytics announced a partnership to implement Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence Platform.

Organizations are being challenged with overwhelming amounts of data and tools. With too many reports and dashboards, business users struggle to know what data they can trust, and what data they should be taking action on.

Metric Insights provides a Push Intelligence Platform that aggregates content from across an organization into a consolidated portal, enriches the content by automatically uncovering anomalies and exceptions, and distributes that critical information to users. By automatically cutting through the noise, Metric Insights ensures that users are acting on the right data at the right time and that organizations are finally capitalizing on their existing investments in Business Intelligence (BI).

Collâ is uniquely positioned to help organizations successfully deploy the Metric Insights platform. Collâgiate’s expertise in actualizing the value of data through focused analytics and next-generation visualization is essential for optimizing the Metric Insights platform and ensuring adoption and sustained enterprise-wide success. Collâgiate produces scalable custom solutions achieving the streamlined, integrated, and actionable intelligence that enterprises need.

“Collâgiate is a great partner that is uniquely positioned in this space,” says Mike Smitheman, VP Sales & Marketing at Metric Insights. “With extensive experience working with Fortune 500 companies, and experience working with the Metric Insights Platform, they have seen first-hand the challenges that organizations face with regards to low user engagement with BI, and know how to solve them.”

“For years now, large enterprises have been on the front lines of the data era, confronting problems exposed by new technologies and the evolving needs of end users,” says Joan Armande, Founder and Visualization Lead at Collâgiate. “We’ve been in the trenches with our clients resolving intelligence problems and immediately recognized the value of the Metric Insights Platform early on. Today, we are inspired to offer a dedicated area of our practice to this official Metric Insights partnership.”

About Metric Insights: ( Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence platform tracks changes in data from existing Business Intelligence tools, Big Data sources and operational applications. It provides a single, consolidated portal into all your data, reports and dashboards, and automatically uncovers and notifies users of anomalies and exceptions that require their attention.

About Collâ ( Collâgiate Analytics helps both business and technology customers establish platform and visualization capabilities for crucial competitive advantage in the current Knowledge Era — where Advanced Intelligence is achieved at the intersection of Advanced Analytics, Nextgeneration Visualization, and Integrated intelligence.

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Mike Smitheman
Metric Insights

Joan Armande
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