Happy Holidays!

What an exciting year we have had over here at Metric Insights HQ!

2018 was full of conferences, from Qlik Qonnections to Tableau 2018 and more. We got to meet some great folks on the road and excited to start the 2019 conference season at the HIMSS event in Orlando, Florida!

Our amazing product team was hard at work building some new features for customers and prospects.

1. Metric Insights now has the ability to bring BI into your conversations with Slack! By delivering this information to Slack, it is right there for users to begin collaborating around, and if need be share it or click through to Metric Insights for further analysis. You can also reference the latest values and trendlines for key metrics just by mentioning them in Slack, “What were sales in Canada yesterday?” Early next year we will be releasing an integration with Microsoft teams!

2. Another big feature the team was hard at work at is Datasets. Snapshot data into a dataset and run a stats model against it to surface exceptions and anomalies across many dimensions. Users are all challenged with too much information, and this functionality gives you a way of focusing them on critical changes in the data that they can take action on.

3. Enhancements to our alerting capabilities include alert simulation. Test your rules against historical data to understand when it would have triggered for your users. This ensures that your alerts are tuned correctly and that you’re not overwhelming users with irrelevant information.

4. Lastly, we have introduced Portal Pages. Customize the user experience by creating Portal Pages that feature highly curated content. Show your users live dashboards and reports from multiple sources, on a single screen. The pages can be starting points for users in the Metric Insights portal, or viewed externally in your own customized site. The classic Metric Insights Homepage (the Catalog View) can be displayed alongside multiple tabs with Portal Pages.

To learn more about these features, visit our blog and watch our product feature webinars.

From our team to yours, we wish you a happy holiday season with family and friends. See you next year!

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