In the upcoming weeks, we will be going over best practices for implementing a Business Intelligence portal within an organization. We will be covering a number of topics that are critical to successfully driving data engagement within your organization. The topics we will cover include:

BI Portal

Implement a single BI portal that provides a single source of truth for accessing all your Business Intelligence tools and data sources. Users will be able to easily search to find relevant reports, analytics, and metrics no matter what tool it comes from.

BI Portal search function capability
Easily search for content

Portal Pages

Customize user experience with Portal Pages. Portal Pages allows users to create custom-designed pages that feature specific metrics, reports, and dashboards, from multiple tools, on a single page to ensure users are focusing on the content most relevant to them.

A customized Portal Page featuring key metrics that matter most to an end user


Push a personalized digest email of significant changes in the data that each user cares about. Combine and distribute content from multiple data sources, reporting and dashboard tools, on any schedule to ensure users have the information they need when they need it.

Email of key metrics that need to be focused on

Anomaly Detection

Alert users when something critical happens in your data. This is achieved through analysis of time series data to automatically uncover anomalies or trends, and notify users via email, text message, or mobile apps. Snapshot any set of data over time, filter down large sets of data and dashboards to a small number of exceptions that users should focus their attention on.

An Alert email on a metric

Driving Engagement

Measure engagement with content on a regular basis to better understand what content is being viewed. Measure the most popular reports and dashboards. Understand what is increasing and decreasing in popularity.

Be able to analyze what people are hoping to find based on their searches. Use engagement statistics to recommend and promote your most useful Business Intelligence content.

Usage Page showing what content is being used and what is not

Stay with us over the coming weeks as we dive deeper into these areas and provide playbooks for implementing these best practices.

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