A number of our customers have asked us to help their executive teams stay on top of critical Key Performance Indicators in their Business Intelligence Portal as they navigate the business through the COVID-19 crisis.

Portal Page for Key Metrics

We created the portal page template shown below which summarizes all key metrics at a glance while also providing an area to show critical updates and announcements. Clicking on any KPI can take the user to view the metric or to a Metric Insights report or BI dashboard.  The idea is to combine the high-level numbers at a glance with quick access to details. This keeps everyone looking at the same numbers and means executives don’t have to hunt for the key KPIs across multiple dashboards.

Portal Page showing Operational Metrics and a Metric overlaping
Example of Portal Page & Metric

These metrics can be pushed out via Email Digests to executives on a daily basis.

If any of our customers would like to make use of the template, please contact your account manager or contact us here and we’ll help you get it implemented in your Portal.

All of us here at Metric Insights hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

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