This week we are releasing two playbooks (in a single PDF) on Exception Reports and Change Reports.

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Exception Reports

Exception reports can include details beyond measurement dates and measurement values – such as customers, product, region, franchise, pharmacy, etc. The exceptions report can tally metadata that is not directly within a data source – examples might include the number of times a record has appeared in a report, the number of times alerts have been issued.

These reports are used to report on exceptional data that can be comprised in a view of a dataset or SQL fetch.

Change Reports

Customers want to use snapshot data and surface new, changed, and removed records. Change Reports provide users with insights into what material has changed in a dataset or dashboard between instances, even when prior instances are not available to review.

Change Report in Metric Insights
Example of a Change Report

These reports are useful when understanding changes in data are more meaningful than simply viewing the latest data.

Download Playbook

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