Many organizations have hundreds or even thousands of reports and dashboards, in multiple BI tools, each overflowing with useful insights, yet only a handful are actively being consumed by their end business users. Even though they have answers readily available to them, the BI team has still got a line out the door of people asking questions of their data. But why is this happening?

Challenges being faced by business users:

  • Information overload – the sheer volume of reports available are completely overwhelming
  • Disparate sources – content exists in multiple tools and users don’t know where to look or what content even exists.
  • Time – Business users think about data for a couple of minutes each day, so there is a need to have answers quickly to inform decision making, navigating so many different dashboards elongates this process.
  • Generic approach – Seldom are these dashboards personalized and customized making it a challenge to navigate.

Hear from Marius Moscovici, CEO of Metric Insights, and Ken Elliot, VP Enterprise Analytics & Data Management at Waste Management
on how we address these challenges.

They will be walking you through some key use-cases of how we have been dealing with the challenges of cleaning up one’s BI mess and making sense of the noise of data dashboards & reports allowing everyone to have the ability to access the information they need right at their fingertips in a user-friendly way.

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