Using Metric Insights to Slash Business Intelligence Costs

Most organizations manage their BI tool user licenses inefficiently. It is common for more than 50% of licenses to be held by users who are not actively using the respective BI tool. Metric Insights enables organizations to dramatically reduce the cost of BI tool licenses through an intelligent provisioning and de-provisioning process, without sacrificing users’ access to their BI content. With Metric Insights, large organizations can significantly reduce overall spend on BI, while also providing the superior user experience of a world-class BI portal.

Download our whitepaper to learn:

  • Usage Analysis for Deprovisioning: Deprovision a license from an inactive user while still allowing that user to search and locate all content relevant to their business unit within your BI portal.
  • Automated License Provisioning: Metric Insights can integrate with your LDAP/AD system to re-provision a BI tool license to an inactive user on-demand.
  • Downgrading to the correct license type: Analyze historical usage data for your BI users and identify users who are underutilizing their license.
  • Migrating reporting to Metric Insights: Identify business users who use a BI tool infrequently, as well as the content these users consume.

Download the whitepaper HERE to learn more.

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