Alerting & Anomaly Detection

Overwhelming amounts of reports and dashboards make it difficult to decide what to pay attention to and cause critical events in the data to get missed. Metric Insights’ Enterprise BI Portal automatically profiles metrics for statistical anomalies and custom rules and alerts users to the critical events that they should pay attention to.

Metrics & KPIs

Track key metrics and automatically uncover statistical anomalies, or add custom alert rules to ensure critical events in the data are not missed. Reveal correlations between metrics from multiple sources, to see what is causing anomalies and exceptions in the data.

Exception Reports

Snapshot any set of data over time. Filter down large sets of data and dashboards to a small number of exceptions that users should focus their attention on.

Managed Alerts

Ensure users are acknowledging and acting upon alerts. Apply workflows that set a priority and status, and assign them to users who should take ownership. Be alerted to neglected events, and see a history of what happened with completed workflows.

Managed Alerts

Statistical Model

Create a statistical model from an existing Dataset to find anomalies in the data. Stats models allow you to surface anomalies across thousands of records and dimensions.

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