Webinar Recording: Advanced Alerting

For those that couldn’t attend our webinar this week, you can watch our recording below. Learn about advanced alerting techniques that will help drive user engagement with data in your organization. Uncover the headlines in your data so that users can focus on the metrics that are important to them.  

How UPMC Handled the Data Explosion

Some organizations, by virtue of their size alone, give new meaning to the words “big data.” UPMC, a major healthcare provider and insurer based in Pittsburgh, operates 22 hospitals and 400 outpatient sites, with locations in the United States, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Canada and China. The organization’s Insurance Services Division has nearly 2.3 million members. […]

Investing More, Getting Less: Why BI Investments Are Losers

There’s a running joke that you never have a bad sales meeting in the BI world. Everyone wants better information, so it’s an easy sell. The majority of enterprises—70%—are either running big-data projects or planning to deploy them, according to research by IDG Enterprise. Enterprises are slated to spend $8M on big data initiatives this year […]

There’s a New Way to Think About Data

Why is it that despite beautiful visualizations, better performance and lower cost, BI still might as well stand for Business Incoherence? The KPIs, metrics and charts that were supposed to liberate the average business user have ended right back up in the back office with the business analysts. According to research by BI tools expert […]

A Revolution Is Happening – JavaScript Charting

A revolution is happening. Go out onto the web today and you will see a wealth of data visualizations that are highly engaging and dynamic, with examples as varied as Mike Bostocks analysis of Oscar nominated movie trailers in the NYT to Uber Rides In San Francisco! With the prevalence of public data sets available […]

Metric Insights wins 1st place at O’Reilly Strata + Hadoop World Startup Showcase 2013

New York, NY (Oct, 29, 2013) Metric Insights has been selected as the 1st place winner by a panel of judges, made up of leading investors, at this years Strata + Hadoop World Startup Showcase in NYC.  Steve Mock, COO, presented the company’s innovative Push Intelligence platform, that cuts through the noise of Big Data, to […]

Strata & Hadoop World 2013 Interview with Steve Mock, COO of Metric Insights

Keith Swafford of O’Reilly Media interviews Steve Mock about Metric Insights and the problems we solve in Big Data and Business Intelligence. Hear how our KPI warehouse makes it easy for enterprise users to track KPIs and metrics that are important to them, and enhances the Business Intelligence Dashboards they already use.

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