Introducing Metric Insights v5.5!

Join our upcoming webinar on v5.5: Register here We are excited to announce the latest edition of Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence platform, V5.5! 1. Reporting features Reports now include multiple levels of filtering (global or for individual components), new default charts, the ability to add custom charts (we support all major charting libraries, including Highcharts), and […]

Push Intelligence Overview [Webinar]

Want to know what’s new in Push Intelligence? Check out the webinar from our Push Intelligence experts below! Push Intelligence increases user engagement with Business Intelligence. It connects to all your data sources to provide: Unified Portal for all BI tools and sources to provide a single source of truth for data insights Anomaly Detection & Event-Based […]

Adobe Presents At Microstrategy World 2015

Metric Insights recently sponsored the Microstrategy World Conference in Las Vegas and showcased the latest BI integration with Microstrategy. Adobe spoke at the event about how they are using Push Intelligence on top of their Business Intelligence stack, including Microstrategy & Tableau, to provide exception based reporting, user collaboration and KPI mobile access to all their […]

Setting Up Social Analytics Reporting with BI Tools

Each day, 200 million Twitter users create 400 million tweets. On Facebook, users post 600,000 bits of content every minute. YouTube aficionados upload 72 hours of video each minute. The streams of social media continue to grow exponentially, and these streams possess a hidden goldmine of information to help you engage your clients. However, a […]

How to Decipher the Story Behind Big Data Analytics

Big data has gone mainstream. The variety, volume and velocity of data streaming across your desk have reached unprecedented levels. This exponential growth challenges even the most data driven managers. With the massive quantity of available BI tools, such as dashboards and reports, you have powerful ways to drive your business. Yet, you may find adoption […]

Push Intelligence for Tableau with Metric Insights & InterWorks

Steve Mock from Metric Insights and Charlie Sanders from InterWorks, presented best practices to drive maximum user engagement with your Tableau implementations.  See below for a recording of the webinar where they discussed: Data-driven alerting Email report bursting Enterprise admin controls and dashboard management To find out more about our partner InterWorks, visit them at […]

Finding the Balance Between Big Data and Bad Data

Big data may have permeated the enterprise, but the space where human judgment meets data still needs work. The recent Target security breach and the GM court case are demonstrating the extreme effects of ignoring data—or else not paying attention to the right data. Target’s IT staff chose to ignore the breach warnings issued by […]

Metric Insights wins the Big Data Innovation Award from IE Group at Big Data Summit

Metric Insights won the Big Data Innovation Award presented by the IE Group at the annual Big Data Summit in San Francisco on April 12. Metric Insights was selected because of its flagship Push Intelligence Platform’s ability to rapidly create visualizations and insights from any Big Data source. The image shows Metric Insights founder and CEO, Marius […]

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