Our Vision

Great products are brought to life when bold ideas are shaped in the crucible of relentless, continuous improvement.​  

At Metric Insights our goal is to provide everyone simple access to actionable, timely, and relevant information to facilitate smart decisions. Every person has a contribution to make; we provide the means to do it by placing data in the hands of every user.

How We Make Data Actionable & Relevant

We celebrate the power of information. We believe that accessing the right information at the right time to make smart decisions should be essentially effortless. We empower our customers to effectively cut through data clutter so that they can benefit from intelligent data-driven decisions.

Leadership Team
Marius Moscovici

Marius has over 20 years of experience in analytics and data warehousing with roles at Oracle, Integral Results & Linden Lab. He was co-founder & CEO of Integral Results, a leading BI consultancy that was acquired by Idea Integration. He also formed and led the analytics group at Linden Lab.

Marius Moscovici
Mike Smitheman

Mike has over 15 years product & marketing experience in the Business Intelligence industry. Mike helped bring analytic products to market with senior roles at Seagate Software, AIM Technology, Tealeaf, Accero & GoodData.

Mike Smitheman
VP Sales & Marketing

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