How It Works

Enterprise BI Portal

The Business Intelligence Portal is a single pane of glass for all your analytics. It gives users one place to go to search for and consume BI that they can trust.

Connect To Everything

Connect to everything in your organization with Metric Insights’ Plugins.

BI Plugins connect to every source of analytics including BI tools, SaaS applications, spreadsheets, documents and data science assets.

Data Plugins allow you to extract key performance indicators from databases or Big Data stores.

Data Catalog Plugins syncronize critical metadata from your data catalog with your BI assets.

Plugins auto synchronize new content from the underlying sources to the Metric Insights’ BI Catalog.


Publish & Govern What Matters

Making sure that users are only seeing governed BI assets, ensures that they can trust the content they have access to.

Metric Insights’ Publishing Workflows ensure that any new reports or assets that are discovered by a Plugin are sent through a structured review process before they get published to end users.

A Publishing Workflow contains one or more steps. Each step is assigned to a user or group, who is responsible for reviewing an asset, filling in additional metadata fields that have not been captured automatically, and moving it forward in the workflow.

The final step Certifies the asset and publishes it into the BI Catalog, ensuring it has the nessecary context and documentation for end users to use it effectively.

Governed BI

Catalog Your BI

A centralized BI Catalog is needed to remove the complexities of multiple sources and technologies from end users.

The Metric Insights Catalog is a governed space to organize and manage the lifecycle of all your BI assets. Share folders and Personal Favorites ensure users have easy access to all their BI in one place.

The Catalog integrates with existing security to ensure users are only seeing the assets that they have permissions to see. Content discoverability enables users to find content that they don’t have access to and request permission to use it.

The BI Search Engine gives analysts and end users a quick and easy way tp search through the governed library of content that has been published.

Usage Tracking and Feeback prompts give analysts the necessary information they need to make sure that the library contains the most useful and relevant content for the organization.

Catalog BI

Engage Your Users

Optimizing the user experience is critical to driving high engagement with BI. Metric Insights’ Portal provides functionality to create customized user experiences for each persona or business unit.

Branded Themes enable you to customize the BI Portals’ logo, colors and fonts for each business unit.

The Portal language can be localized at the user or user group level.

Portal Pages allow you to create a customized user interface, on top of the BI Catalog, for each persona. Custom user infaces include personalized landing pages, custom navigation, content mashups, and any other functionality specific to that persona.

Customized Pages

Spread The Word

Critical BI needs to land where and when users need it.

Metric Insights BI Portal is available on the mobile device via native iOS and Android apps so users can access their critical data on the go.

Personalized Favorites Digests and Shared Bursts push conslidated content from multiple sources into each users inbox in a single, easy to consume email.

Alerts notify users of signifcant changes in metrics that they care about and guide them back into the relevant dashboards and reports.

Integrations with Slack and Teams, enable users to search the BI Catalog and bring up reports during conversations with their team.

Distribute BI
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