Business Intelligence Portal

Certify and combine all your metrics, KPIs, reports, and dashboards into a consolidated Business Intelligence portal. Enable users to easily search and find the content that is most relevant to them.


Enterprise Distribution

Cut through the noise and send each user a personal digest email of significant changes in the data that is relevant to them. Combine and burst out content from multiple data sources, reporting and dashboard tools, on any schedule to ensure users have the information they need, when they need it.



Anomaly Detection & Data-Driven Alerting

Automatically profile all your metrics for statistical anomalies, or add your own rules and thresholds, to alert users when important outliers are triggered in the data. Notify users via email, SMS or mobile app, or trigger API calls to other systems.

Statistical View


Exception Reporting

Snapshot any set of data over time. Filter down large sets of data and dashboards to a small number of exceptions that users should focus their attention on.


“All of the information is in one place and easy to find,” “It’s clear and intuitive to use,” and “We have needed this for so long.”


“Metrics Insights is that little voice in your ear saying, ‘something might be wrong here'”

Charles Boicey, Information Solutions Architect at UCI

“The ability …with Metric Insights… to customize who sees what data, to make decisions to drive the business and to do our population health management, is critical”


Dr Pamela Peele, Chief Analytics Officer at UPMC

“I use Push Intelligence to deliver Big Data analytics to hundreds of external partners. It is incredibly easy to use and requires very little training and support “

Jonathan Shar, General Manager, Emerging Digital Content at Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Managed Alerts

Ensure your users are acknowledging and acting upon alerts that are triggered by your data. Apply workflows to alerts that set a priority and status, and assign them to users who should take ownership. Be alerted to neglected events, and see a history of what happened with completed workflows.



User Collaboration

Enable users to annotate charts at the data point level to share insights across your organization and ensure complete context is captured with your results. collaboration

Impacting Events

Overlay calendars onto your data to show how business events are impacting your metrics & KPI’s. Reveal powerful correlations between metrics from multiple sources and see which events are causing anomalies and exceptions in the data. Impacting Events

Portal Pages

Customize user experience with Portal Pages. Portal Pages allow users to create user-designed pages that feature highly relevant data.

Slack Integration

The Metric Insights Slack App allows the integration of your Metric Insights system and Slack. You can enter search queries in a Slack Channel and have the app deliver content to that Channel based on the matches found in Metric Insights, or interact directly with the Slack App.

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