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One Place to Go - Data Portal & News Feed

Combine data from all your sources and provide a personalized portal and news feed to all your users.  Enable users to favorite what’s important to them ensuring they are getting alerted to events that they can take action on.


Uncover Critical Trends - Anomaly & Exception Detection

Automated anomaly & exception detection uncovers all key events in the data without users having to continually monitor dashboards and reports. Metric Insights profiles all your KPI’s for statistically significant events that could impact the business and allows users to manage by exceptions.

Statistical View


Don't Miss Anything - Data-Driven Alerting
Alert on significant events in the data and allow users to define their own data-driven alerts. Metric Insights ensures peace of mind wherever you are, by delivering critical alerts via email, sms, phone tray, wearable devices or by triggering automated business processes to ensure immediate and correct action. canada_alert



Cut Through The Noise - Digest Emails & Report Bursting

Rather than receiving all the data all the time, Metric Insights sends personal Digest Emails of what’s changed in the data that each user should focus on. Based on every users favorite list of metrics, the Daily Digest will email a personal set of actionable information to every user every day or burst out a set of content to users on a set schedule.



“Metrics Insights is that little voice in your ear saying, ‘something might be wrong here'”

Charles Boicey, Information Solutions Architect at UCI

“I use Push Intelligence to deliver Big Data analytics to hundreds of external partners. It is incredibly easy to use and requires very little training and support “

Jonathan Shar, General Manager, Emerging Digital Content at Barnes & Noble, Inc.

“The ability …with Metric Insights… to customize who sees what data, to make decisions to drive the business and to do our population health management, is critical”

Dr Pamela Peele, Chief Analytics Officer at UPMC
Find the Reason - Impacting Events

Overlay calendars onto your data to show how business events are impacting your metrics & KPI’s. Reveal powerful correlations between metrics from multiple sources and see which events are causing anomalies and exceptions in the data.

Impacting Events


Enhance Insights - User Collaboration

Enable users to annotate charts at the data point level to share insights across your organization and ensure complete context is captured with your results.


Your Data, Any Visualization - JavaScript Charting

Integrate any JavaScript charting library with Metric Insights JavaScript Charting API. Select the right visualization for your data, without limitation, and transform the way you deliver data to your users.

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