How It Works

Alerting & Distribution

An overwhelming amount of BI makes it difficult for users to know what they should be paying attention to. Alert users to critical changes in key metrics, driving them to the analytics that matter most at that time. Enterprise Digests combine, pre-filter, and distribute content from multiple sources via email, SMS, mobile, or collaboration tools.


Track key metrics from your dashboards and reports. Automatically uncover statistical anomalies, or add custom alert rules to ensure critical events in the data are not missed.

Metric Insights Alerts

Exception Reports

Filter down large sets of data and dashboards to a small number of exceptions that users should focus their attention on, and automatically pre-filter dashboards and reports to those exceptions.

Exception Reports

Managed Alerts

Ensure users are acknowledging and acting on alerts with workflows that set a priority and status, and assign them to users who should take ownership. See a history of what happened with historical alerts.

Managed Alerts

Digests & Bursts

Cut through the noise and send each user a personal digest email of significant changes in the reports and dashboards that are relevant to them. Combine and burst out pre-filtered content from multiple BI tools on any schedule to ensure users have the information they need, when they need it.

Email Digest

Slack & Microsoft Teams

Integrate Metric Insights into Slack and Teams. Users can search for content directly within these tools, and share results straight into the channels where conversations are happening. Deliver Bursts and Alerts directly to Slack and Teams.

Slack & Microsoft Teams
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