How It Works

BI Catalog

Organizations are struggling with a lack of BI usage and ROI. Users are overwhelmed with too much information and they don’t know what they can trust. Metric Insights’ BI Portal works by integrating all BI tools, reporting, and metrics into a consolidated catalog of governed BI assets that users can access knowing it contains content they can trust.


Connect to all analytics in your organization including BI tools, SaaS applications, file stores, data science applications and datasets via Metric Insights Plugins. Publish your governed reports, dashboards, documents, datasets and metrics into the Metric Insights Catalog.

BI Catalog

Navigation & Organization

Organize assets into a single Category structure that maps to permissions and security, ensuring that users only see the content they have access to. Group assets into Folders to share with other users in the organization. Favorite assets to create a personal set of your regularly used content.

Organized BI

Global Search

Search in natural language through all the assets in your BI Catalog, and filter by certified and popular content.

Global Search


Publish discoverable content into the Catalog, enabling users to discover reports that they don’t have access to. Access Request Workflows allow users to request access to reports that they don’t have permissions to see, via simple notifications to the report owner, or via integrations with existing ticketing systems.

BI Discoverability
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