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Business users rely heavily on conversations with BI analysts to discover reports and dashboards that may help them. With their limited visibility into all existing BI within the organization, analysts will do their best to make recommendations. At the same time, analysts are trying to understand the available datasets for analysis. BI Concierge takes over this time-consuming process helping users quickly discover the BI assets they need.

Ask Your Question

Ask the BI Concierge your initial question. The Concierge is optimized to make content recommendations based on all the metadata available in Metric Insights.

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Report Carousel

As the BI Concierge answers your questions, it will start making content recommendations based on its knowledge of all BI across the organization, adding them to the Suggestion Carousel as it goes.

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Content Preview

Click to preview any of the suggestions and see all the associated metadata. The Content Preview gives users the complete context they need about the suggested report, dashboard, or dataset. Easily navigate to the live report for further analysis.

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Discussion Threads

The power of the BI Concierge comes with its ability to continue the conversation by asking or answering clarifying questions to ensure that the suggestions are as accurate and relevant as possible.

BI Chatbot

Take Action

Easily take action on the recommended content during your conversation. The BI Concierge will help you share content with other users, subscribe to content, setup alerts and more.

BI Chat Conversation


BI Concierge is connected to the Metric Insights security model, ensuring that any content suggestions are done within the boundaries of what a user can access or what is discoverable across the organization.

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