How It Works

BI Governance

A lack of BI Governance in organizations leads to cluttered BI platforms, low usage, and lack of trust by end-users. Metric Insights’ BI Portal enables BI Governance, providing analysts a way of documenting, categorizing, and certifying their key BI reports and dashboards and publishing them into a centralized BI Portal for users.

Publishing Workflows

Ensure only accurate and trustworthy content gets added to the BI Portal. Metric Insights Plugins automatically discover when new assets have been created, and assign them to Publishing Workflows. Workflows involve the relevant technical and business stakeholders who are responsible for reviewing, categorizing, tagging and certifying reports for publication into the BI Portal.

Governance Workflows

Content Certification

Certification gives users the confidence that they can trust the reports they are using. Assign different levels of certification (e.g. bronze, silver, gold) based on the level of Governance a report has received to provide total transparency to your users.


Governed Glossary

Maintain a governed business glossary of key terms and tag your BI content so users have context. Easily navigate to content that contains the same terms.

Glossary Terms


Assigning context to certified reports promotes data literacy and ensures that users understand the intent of the data they are using. Add categorization, descriptions, and tagging to ensure content can be discovered easily. Connect to your Data Catalog to pull in any existing categorization and terms.


Report Lineage

Enable analysts and users to understand report lineage so they can see where data is coming from, and where assets are being used.

Data Lineage

Usage & Engagement

Track usage of all the assets in your BI Portal to understand which reports are used, which are gaining or losing popularity, and which have become obsolete. Promote or retire unused content to keep a clean and relevant set of content in the BI Portal.

Usage Tracking

User Ratings & Feedback

Gather ratings and subjective feedback from your users. Ensure that if reports are not useful anymore or require updates that the necessary changes are made.

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