Data Portal

The unified Data Portal allows administrators to manage user access to Qlik visualizations regardless of whether they exist in QlikView or Qlik Sense. As a single point of access that also incorporates dashboards and metrics from any other BI or data tool, the portal provides a way for users to personalize and self service the metrics that are important to them and see a personalized news feed of critical information.


Data-driven Alerts & Report Bursting

Provide data-driven alerting & dashboard distribution for QlikView & Qlik Sense documents and objects. Daily Email digests provide a single view of all things that are changing critically that a user cares about and data-driven alerts highlight critical changes in the metrics that matter. One click takes users into the underlying QlikView, Qlik Sense or 3rd party dashboard for further analysis.



User Collaboration

Enable users to collaborate around all their QlikView and Qlik Sense visualizations. Collaboration digests engage users in conversations around the data, providing complete context into which metrics are changing and why.



Which Qlik products does Metric Insights work with?

Qlikview & Qlik Sense

How is Metric Insights deployed?

Metric Insights runs on a separate server from Qlik. It can run on premise in your environment, in a private cloud (e.g., Amazon EC2) or Metric Insights can host it on your behalf (SaaS).

You can find our server requirements here.

What database is required to run the Metric Insights’ KPI warehouse?

None. The KPI warehouse is part of our software application and requires no external database to be built and maintained.

I’m looking for a solution to do snapshotting of data in from Qlik. Can Metric Insights help?

Yes, Metric Insights does snapshotting for Qlik data. Our KPI warehouse is ideally suited to track any element, or dimensions of an element, over any period of time to see the historical trend, as well as be alerted when significant changes happen.

Can Metric Insights be used with both Qlikview and Qlik Sense at the same time?

Yes, Metric Insights can create a unified user experience across both tools, as well as with other BI and data tools in an enterprise. Metric Insights will drive each user to the appropriate tool based on the changes in their data.

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