The first task with any project in Metric Insights is determining where your data and elements exist, and configuring how and when to bring those data elements into the application.
Data Sources represent the pipeline between Metric Insights and your data and visualizations. Metric Insights provides access to dozens of different data sources.

Data and images are brought in to Metric Insights via Data Collection Triggers. Triggers can be defined to run on a schedule, or to be triggered externally as the last stage in the ETL process.
Finally, Data Collection can be dependent on any conditions or on other upstream data collection triggers by configuring data or trigger dependencies.

A Data Dependency checks to see if conditions are true or false – in example, if a data source returns the most recent date value, or count of records, etc. A Trigger Dependency sets a hierarchy of triggers – in example, Long Running trigger runs AFTER Short Running trigger, etc.

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