Self-service is best characterized as a broader business effort to continue the maturation of your enterprise analytics. Core to that maturation is a focus on identifying more and better business challenges against which to apply predictive and prescriptive (advanced) analytics techniques, by reducing the resource expenditure on supporting your organization’s reliance on reporting and descriptive business intelligence.

Four elements to work on to find success w/ self-service

Download IIA & Metric Insights’ “Framework for Self-Service BI” research paper to learn the framework.

  1. Surfacing Assumptions – Why you are undertaking the self-service project, what specific benefits and changes in behavior you expect to produce.
  2. Segmenting the Audience – Determine where your demand-side fits within four categories of potential partners.
  3. Incentives for Adoption – Develop explicit incentive schemes for each segment of your user population.
  4. Identifying Demand for Advanced Analytics

You can also check out our webinar on this topic here.

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