Apply Principles of Data Governance 2.0 to BI Governance

This paper focuses on BI Governance but leans on the principles outlined in the International Institute for Analytics research brief called “Data Governance 2.0: Enabling Digitization and Analytics”. There are three main drivers of this approach:

  • Data, analytics, and BI enabled decision-making are so critical to future success that leaders must take this challenge head-on, with senior leadership involved and broad engagement across the organization.
  • The ability and the interest in data and BI will only increase as the share of digitally native workers becomes the majority, so leaders need to put in place methods and tools that tap this data-centric talent now.
  • The growth of data and the technology that enables that data to become business intelligence is not abating, so now is the time to invest in lightweight and robust structures and tools that can adapt to the inevitable changes

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