Pixelfish realized a 300% increase in consumer engagement by combining Google BigQuery, Google Adwords, and Metric Insights.

PixelFish, Inc. manages thousand of mobile and video ad campaigns for local businesses

PixelFish, Inc. reached out to Metrics Insights and Google BigQuery to rapidly deploy an analytics solution with integrated collaboration and event tracking capabilities.

PixelFish’s dramatically increased its ability to optimize AdWords campaign effectiveness with timely analytics that combine Adwords and internal customer data to provide a 360 view perspective of campaign effectiveness. PixelFish delivered a 3x improvement in consumer engagement with the ads that it runs for its small business customers through insights gained from this project.

  • Positive ROI in 1 month.
  • Implemented initial phase of production system with less than 8 hours of development effort and no new on-premise hardware or software.
  • Eliminated half an FTE of work previously spent each month manually compiling and analyzing Adwords performance using spreadsheets while providing deeper insights.
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