Webinar: BI Portals – The Heart and Soul of a BI Program

Wayne Eckerson, an internationally recognized thought leader in the business intelligence and analytics field, will share his perspective on enterprise Business Intelligence portals. BI Portals provide business users one-stop shopping for any BI asset throughout […]

Webinar: A Toolkit for Building An Effective Governance Program

“Through 2025, 80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance.” – Gartner If you are in the process of building […]

Webinar: Effective BI Portal Design Patterns to Drive High User Engagement

A well-designed BI Portal can be transformational by dramatically boosting user engagement with analytics. Providing a highly tailored user experience helps users cut through the clutter in the reporting environment and engage with the right […]

Webinar: Metric Insights’ Enterprise BI Portal New Features!

Marius Moscovici and Mike Smitheman of Metric Insights review the new features added to our Enterprise BI Portal in the latest release! This webinar will help you find new ways to govern your BI and […]

What is BI Ops and why you’ll fail with out

BI Ops provides the guardrails that make enterprise-wide BI implementations successful. In this interview, technology broadcaster David McClelland, and CEO of Metric Insights Marius Moscovici, will discuss the challenges associated with environments that have no […]

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