Business Intelligence Portal: The Heart and Soul of a BI Program

Business Intelligence Portals provide business users one-stop shopping for any BI asset throughout an enterprise and give BI administrators a powerful tool for optimizing BI usage and rationalizing BI portfolios. Download this paper to learn […]

Top 5 Trends in Data & BI Governance for 2022

The data-driven business is hotter than ever, as more and more organizations realize that data is a strategic asset for competitive advantage. With this opportunity, however, comes responsibility, and as a result, the need for […]

A Non-Invasive Approach to BI Governance

Metric Insights recently partnered with Robert (Bob) S. Seiner on a webinar discussing a non-invasive approach to BI Governance. Seiner is the President and Principal of KIK Consulting & Educational Services ( and the Publisher […]

Apply Principles of Data Governance 2.0 to BI Governance

This paper focuses on BI Governance but leans on the principles outlined in the International Institute for Analytics research brief called “Data Governance 2.0: Enabling Digitization and Analytics”.  There are three main drivers of this […]

A Practical Guide to BI Governance

Organizations continually fail to generate ROI on their governance initiatives because they are too narrow in scope. To be effective, Business Intelligence (BI) governance must cover both data and visualizations. This whitepaper will provide a […]

Data Governance vs BI Governance

Traditional data governance focuses only on the data and stops at the shores of visualizations. This governance approach is inadequate because most information consumed in an organization is through BI and reporting tools. By failing […]

A Framework for Establishing a Self-Service BI Program

Self-service is best characterized as a broader business effort to continue the maturation of your enterprise analytics. Core to that maturation is a focus on identifying more and better business challenges against which to apply […]

The 3 Pillars of Effective BI Governance

For enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) deployments to be successful, it is critical that a governance layer is established not only on the data being captured but also on the analytics being delivered to business users. […]

The ROI for a BI Portal

Generating a compelling return on investment analysis is a critical step in justifying a new Business Intelligence Portal initiative to senior management. This white paper outlines a methodology with a set of drivers to help […]

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