Business Intelligence Portals provide business users one-stop shopping for any BI asset throughout an enterprise and give BI administrators a powerful tool for optimizing BI usage and rationalizing BI portfolios.

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How a BI Portal enables business users to:
1. Search for any BI asset throughout an enterprise.
2. Use BI assets no matter which tool generated them without leaving the BI portal.
3. View a home page that displays content based on role, department, or favorites.
4. Improve data literacy by inspecting metadata attributes for every BI asset.
5. Contribute “tribal knowledge”, such as comments and ratings.

How administrators:
1. Gain line-of-sight visibility into BI activity and optimize BI environments.
2. Track usage by user, department, tool, report, and any number of other attributes throughout the enterprise.
3. Abstract content from BI tooling so changes or updates to BI tools or content doesn’t impact business users.
4. Provide effective BI governance through the entire lifecycle of a BI asset.

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