The need for business intelligence is stronger than ever, as more organizations are looking to use data for strategic advantage. As data moves to the forefront of strategic decision-making, it is critical to ensure that the data used to make these key decisions is accurate, understood, and governed effectively.

Data governance is the process of ensuring that data is managed, secured, and clearly defined, and effective governance requires buy-in from all key stakeholders across the organization. But Data Governance can seem like an overwhelming, daunting effort for organizations who want fast time to value. How do you strike the right balance between strong governance and moving at the speed that today’s business environment requires?

In this whitepaper, Donna Burbank, an industry expert in Data Governance and Strategy, shares her views and opinions on what it takes to implement effective governance.

Implementing effective governance for BI Whitepaper

You can find the associated webinar here: Implementing Effective Governance for BI Webinar

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