A revolution is happening. New JavaScript Visualization libraries now make it possible for anybody to create beautiful and powerful web-based visualizations in data. The days requiring a team of developers or expensive business intelligence tools are over. Inspired by the cool, interactive graphics in Nate Silvers’ NYT election blog, web developers and business intelligence professionals are embracing these technologies across the enterprise. A visualization smorgasbord awaits us all, but there are a number of challenges that are holding the feast in check.

Metric Insights offers a turn-key solution that enables you to deploy leading edge JS Visualization libraries at an enterprise scale. As depicted in the following diagram, Metric Insights provides for all the major areas that are missing for ad-hoc JS Visualization deployments.


Diagram of how Metric Insights provides for all the mjor areas that are missing for ad-hoc JavaScript Visualization

Learn more about how you can overcome the challenges of scaling JS Visualization for the enterprise in this white paper.

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