For enterprise-scale portal implementations, it is critical to establish processes and standards that support distributed development across many BI professionals in the organization. This whitepaper outlines the best practices for successfully transitioning from an initial portal development, where a centralized team implements the solution, to a distributed implementation where federated teams develop Metric Insights use cases with the support and guidance of a small, centralized team acting as a center of excellence (COE).

This whitepaper covers the following topics:

  • The Decentralization Journey
  • Growing Usage
  • The Engagement Growth Cycle
  • Readiness Checklist

Managing an enterprise portal deployment in a distributed environment with various federated teams can seem daunting. However, by applying the practices described in this white paper and with the help of Metric Insights’ Solution Architecture team, this undertaking becomes extremely manageable. Adhere to these guidelines and any organization can effectively transition from a model of single group content creation to a highly evolved distributed model supported by a COE.



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