Metric Insights 5.5 introduces powerful new Reporting features that strike the right balance between pragmatic functionality and ease of use. Bursting to Slack is now as easy as checking a box, and we have made further investment in our Security Model.

  • Reports now include multiple levels of filtering (global, or for individual components), new default charts, the ability to add arbitrary/custom charts (we support all the major charting libraries, including Highcharts), and more advanced conditional formatting. In total, there are 8 new major enhancements to Reporting.
  • Bursting to Slack allows you to easily select a target Slack channel, a set of elements, and a schedule so that you can post Reports and Metrics directly to Slack.
  • Security Model enhancements for Power Users to support multi-tenant enterprise deployments, including privileges for editing Portal Pages and Notification Schedules.
  • Column Aliases for Datasets sourced from Tableau provides a failsafe for situations where a column/field name in your Tableau source changes.


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