Join speakers Abhishek Rajpurohit (Global BI & Analytics leads @ PayPal), Gregory Zelo (CIO @ Veeco), and Marius Moscovici (CEO @ Metric Insights) for this panel discussion on BI Governance.

Business intelligence (BI) governance includes the policies, processes, and procedures that ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of an organization’s BI initiatives.

BI governance can be intimidating because users have access to so many tools and varied content. This makes the establishment of a uniform layer of governance on top of a heterogeneous environment a daunting task.

However, governance is critical, and the lack of proper governance will result in poor user engagement and low ROI from BI investments.

Watch this webinar to learn:
– Why BI governance matters and how to get the most bang for your BI buck
– How to manage information access and discoverability
– Best practices for optimizing BI content, license utilization, and staff resources
– Ways to create trust with your BI team and the content they produce

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