For enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) deployments to be successful, it is critical that a governance layer is established not only on the data being captured but also on the analytics being delivered to business users. Without a comprehensive governance layer, users lose trust in both the analytics and the BI team – establishing a solid ROI around BI spend from here becomes impossible.

This white paper covers the 3 pillars and critical aspects of implementing effective BI governance across the organization.

1. Access Control – Access control in a governed environment is about achieving a balance between security and discoverability.
2. Resource Optimization – Three types of resources need to be optimized in a well-governed environment (BI Teams, BI Content, BI Licenses)
3. Analytics Trust – A lack of trust causes low engagement and takes a long time to regain.

Download the whitepaper now to learn how to have an effective BI governance strategy.

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