Creators of consumer applications are great at understanding their user journeys, and they’re adept at building workflows and functionality into their applications to fully navigate users through a process and to a conclusion (e.g. Postmates, Uber, etc).

In Business Intelligence, however, it’s often done backward and leads to far inferior results. More often than not, BI practitioners spend unnecessary time sourcing data and building dashboards. After these tedious tasks are completed they repeatedly publish the end results and simply hope that all of the bases are covered. They also mistakenly assume that users will create their own journeys to answer the questions that they have. Predictably, this never works and consistently results in users being overwhelmed with vastly underutilized content. The end result is frustrated users, a lack of trust in BI, and a poor ROI for your BI investments.

Watch this webinar to learn how to create compelling user journeys.


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