Driving consistent use and widespread adoption of business intelligence continue to challenge many organizations, impeding their progress in advanced analytics.

Silo’d data sets, tool proliferation, end-user data literacy, and other challenges, all too often produce an environment in which a shared, common understanding of the organization’s key performance indicators, metrics and measurements – the much-discussed single-source-of-truth – fails to materialize, leading in turn to competing versions of the truth, a lack of trust in available decision-making data and degradation in decision-making speed and effectiveness.

In this webinar, IIA CAO Bill Franks and Metric Insights CEO Marius Moscovici will explore the conditions that create these challenges, and frame potential responses to the issues preventing organizations from building the necessary but elusive “single source of truth.” We will also be joined by Michael Bruchhaus of John Deere, who will be sharing a use case with the audience.

This webinar will focus on:
– IIA’s research-driven perspective on the role, and significance, of single-source-of-truth BI, in an organization’s larger analytics strategy
– The practical technical and non-technical barriers to building and deploying single-source-of-truth BI
– Strategies and best practices for dismantling barriers to single-source-of-truth BI environments
– Real-world success stories from organizations that have tackled and dismantled these barriers, and what they’ve learned in doing so – Interactive Q&A, focused on your challenges and concerns


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