Much of the work performed by Data Science teams remains buried far away from business users. To generate real value from investment in machine learning, companies must bring these resources into the light of day. This webinar will discuss how companies can create an ‘always on’ intelligent enterprise by producing, publishing, organizing, and deploying BI and analytical products to collectively drive mass contribution to business outcomes.

Listen as Mike Ferguson, CEO of Intelligent Business Strategies, and Marius Moscovici, CEO of Metric Insights, cover the following:

1. Where are we in analytics today?
2. What are the current challenges with existing approaches to BI and data science in enterprises?
3. What’s needed to maximize the value of BI and machine learning models to enable the creation of an insights-driven intelligent enterprise?
4. Why do we need to publish and organize BI, machine learning models, and AI-driven automation bots?
5. What types of analytical ‘products’ should be available in a catalog/portal and how can you organize them to drive value?
6. Using a catalog to put BI, machine learning models, and automation to work in the enterprise
7. Integrating BI, machine learning models, and AI-driven automation into core operational and managerial processes

Want the whitepaper version? Read Mike Ferguson’s write up on the subject matter below. Whitepaper

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