The data-driven business is hotter than ever, as more and more organizations realize that data is a strategic asset for competitive advantage.

With this opportunity, however, comes responsibility, and as a result, the need for Data Governance has increased. What does this mean for today’s organization, and what are the hot topics driving data governance today?

Listen in as industry expert Donna Burbank and CEO Marius Moscovici as they discuss the Top 5 Trends for Data Governance that they see for 2022. Top 5 Trends include:
1. Business-led data governance
2. Data Governance as a C-Level initiative
3. Data Governance for self-service BI
4. Data Literacy as a foundation for Data Governance
5. BI Governance integrated with other Data-centric and Digital initiatives such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Master Data Management, etc.

Want the whitepaper version? Read Donna Burbank’s thoughts & opinions on the subject matter here: Whitepaper

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