[Webinar] Push Intelligence Overview

Watch our webinar giving an overview of Push Intelligence. Push Intelligence increases user engagement with Business Intelligence. It connects to all your data sources to provide: Unified Portal for all BI tools and sources to provide a single source of truth for data insights Anomaly Detection & Event-Based Alerting on critical data events and changes within metrics and […]

Triad Retail Media Case Study

Triad Retail Media leveraged Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence platform to provide its management team with a better way to proactively identify and act upon trends from their large customer base. They identified a big opportunity to increase the frequency for actionable intelligence to be leveraged, allowing this to make proactive decisions. Push Intelligence enables them […]

Distributing Content with Metric Insights Webinar

In this webinar, we explored different ways to distribute personalized & relevant content to your business users. We also discussed how Push Intelligence increases user engagement of your business intelligence platform. The following topics were covered in this webinar: See how Metric Insights distribution engine sends personalized content (Email, SMS, Push Notification) to the right […]

The Metric Viewer in Metric Insights

The Metric Viewer is a launching point for data-driven alerting, collaboration, and analysis. This is a quick overview of the core functionality

Report Bursting in Metric Insights

Learn how easy it is to setup a Burst (scheduled email) in Metric Insights. Select content, select schedule, select recipients, and go.

Overview of Notifications in Metric Insights

In the Notifications Editor, you can customize a number of essential features, such as Alerts, Favorites, Bursts, Schedules, your Personal Preferences. More about this in a video

Metric Insights Anomaly Detection Webinar

In this webinar, we will explore different types of anomaly detection and alerting scenarios, which enable business users to get the critical information they need. During this Webinar we will cover the following Push Intelligence topics: Understanding how Metric Insights detects anomalies in time series data Creating complex alerting rules beyond threshold-based alerting How exception […]

KPI Alerting in Metric Insights 4.2 / 5.0

Metric Insights provides powerful alerting functionality – alert across a wide variety of scenarios, including a simple fixed value, compare to a prior value, the average of prior values, recent volatility levels, or a combination of multiple Alerts.

Dimensioned Data in Metric Insights 4.2 / 5.0

Learn how to Dimension (segment) your data in Metric Insights so that the right people get the right slice, or so your users can quickly sort by the right criteria (Country, Sales Channel, Market Segment, etc)

Derived fields in Datasets

The purpose of Derived fields, is to allow users manage data from any Data Source in the simple intuitive manner, with no need to master the specifics of syntax.

Datasets 1/4: Overview

This video describes the general purpose and functions presented by Datasets in Version 5.0

Concepts Part 5: Security & Permissions

Users can be directly configured in Metric Insights or integrated with LDAP and/or SAML. There are 3 users types in Metric Insights: Regular (consumers), Power (creators), Administrators (application). Access to content must be granted for Regular User and Power Users. Power Users can additionally be granted access to Data Sources in order to build content. […]

Concepts Part 4: Alert Distribution

Alerts are special distribution tools in Metric INsights that can send any payload when the defined rule is satisfied. Alerts can be sent immediately when the rule is detected, or as part of a user’s Alert Digest. Examples of alert rules that use Metric Views are Target, Stoplight, and Statistical – they can be simple, […]

Concepts Part 3: Distributing Bursts & Digests

Now that you understand how data gets into Metric Insights and have built some tiles, you can use Bursts & Digests to get that information out to end users on a schedule. Digests are collections of your personal content as either Favorites, Alerts, or Periodic Reports (daily reports, etc.) that you subscribe yourself to. In […]

Concepts Part 2: Content Creation

Once you’ve connected to your data sources and determined when data should be collected, you’ll being building bring data and visualization into Metric Insights by creating content. Content can be considered broadly as either elemental – including tiles and used for distribution – are as architecturally – including datasets and dimensions that structure how related […]

Concepts Part 1: Data Collection

The first task with any project in Metric Insights is determining where your data and elements exist, and configuring how and when to bring those data elements into the application. Data Sources represent the pipeline between Metric Insights and your data and visualizations. Metric Insights provides access to dozens of different data sources. Data and […]

Push Intelligence for QlikView and Qlik Sense

Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence alerts users to anomalies in their metrics and pushes them the relevant, pre-filtered Qlik dashboard or report at the right time, on the right device. In this white paper, the following topics are covered: Single portal for all metrics, Qlik dashboards and reports Critical data pushed to you in the right […]

Push Intelligence for your Tableau Dashboard and Report

Metric Insights’ Push Intelligence alerts users to anomalies in their metrics and push them the relevant, pre-filtered Tableau dashboard or report and the right time, on the right device. In this white paper, the following topics are covered: Single portal for all metrics, Tableau dashboards, and reports Critical data pushed to you in the right […]

Analytics Portal Case Study: How Mozilla Engaged Users with Data

TDWI Senior editor Hugh Watson takes an in-depth look at how Mozilla uses Metric Insights to create their own analytics portal. Mozilla’s analytics portal provides timely, reliable, and accurate information to its users across the company. The success of the project was due primarily to the leveraging of the four main components of Metric Insights’ […]

Push Intelligence Overview Webinar

Get a deep dive into the critical areas of Push Intelligence and show you the best practices to engage your users with data. The following topics were covered in this webinar: Give your users a single portal to access all your BI reports and metrics Automatically uncover anomalies and exceptions in your data Distribute relevant […]

Evolution of Business Intelligence at UCI

Learn about the evolution of business intelligence at UC Irvine Health Services. In this case study, UCI analyzes the different steps they’ve taken to become a lead data-driven organization driven by the best of healthcare analytics. UCI overcame the following challenges to become a data driven organization: Too many dashboards in the organization for users […]

Case Study: 300% increase in consumer engagement

Pixelfish realized a 300% increase in consumer engagement by combining Google BigQuery, Google Adwords, and Metric Insights. PixelFish, Inc. manages thousand of mobile and video ad campaigns for local businesses PixelFish, Inc. reached out to Metrics Insights and Google BigQuery to rapidly deploy an analytics solution with integrated collaboration and event tracking capabilities. PixelFish’s dramatically […]

Push Intelligence for Sales

Watch the video below to see how implementing Push Intelligence in your sales organization can clean up your CRM system, minimize risk in the pipeline and ensure you are consistently beating your quarterly numbers.

Push Intelligence for Tableau Overview

Metric Insights drives maximum user engagement with your Tableau solution. Watch the video below to see an overview of how Push Intelligence and Tableau can make your whole organization data driven.  

Push Intelligence Whitepaper

Push Intelligence ensures your business users are receiving the right data, at the right time, on the right device. Sitting on top of your existing Business Intelligence and data infrastructure, it provides users with: 1. Consolidated Portal – A single portal of all your Business Intelligence metrics, dashboards, and reports 2. Digest & Burst Emails – […]

7 Ways To Improve Your Healthcare Analytics

A major challenge for healthcare administrators and practitioners is they have too little time to focus on analytics. Just having a healthcare analytics system in place is no longer enough for success. To deal with this new reality, professionals must have the ability, as part of their daily routine, to check on key metrics in […]

Push Intelligence Overview

Implement Push Intelligence in your organization to ensure you are not missing any critical events in your data. This video gives you an overview of the Metric Insights Push Intelligence Platform.

JavaScript Visualization with Metric Insights

A revolution is happening. New JavaScript Visualization libraries now make it possible for anybody to create beautiful and powerful web-based visualizations in data. The days requiring a team of developers or expensive business intelligence tools are over. Inspired by the cool, interactive graphics in Nate Silvers’ NYT election blog, web developers and business intelligence professionals […]

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