Case Study: Get Insights Into Your Big Data
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Metric Insights integrates natively with the most popular Big Data systems such as Apache Hadoop, HiveQL, Pig, NoSQL and many others.

For Big Data to reach its full potential all users in an organization have to be able to access and take action based on the information. There are three big challenges companies face.

  • Big Data systems are not designed to handle a large number of concurrent users/queries. It is important to be able to manage the query load of Big Data systems.
  • The wait times to fetch data can be prohibitively long for the casual data consumer.
  • Per query pricing models makes it prohibitively expensive to extend access to casual data consumers. Companies don’t want to pay more for multiple users to see the same information over and over again.

Metric Insights makes it easy and cost effective to share Big Data with everyone in the enterprise, not just the analyst. It is also ideally suited to share data outside of the enterprise with partners, customers, and providers.


  • Metric Insights maintains a persistent caching layer that stores the data required to create a given chart or visualization.
  • Deliver insights with zero wait time.
  • Minimize load on data sources by de-coupling viewing from data collection through the data cache layer
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