Case Study: Evolution of BI at UCI
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Healthcare organizations are being challenged with new data-driven regulations that affect the bottom line, such as ARRA meaningful use measures and CMS penalties for hospital readmission rates. Unlike traditional BI approaches or toolsets that require users to constantly hunt and search for information in dashboards, Metric Insights delivers critical information to physicians, providers and administers when they need it the most.


Metric Insights gives healthcare providers the power to quickly arrive at data-driven decisions that can improve outcomes and performance, drive cost savings, and enhance patient quality of care and satisfaction – all while keeping pace with the rapidly changing and complex regulatory environment.

  • Track Hospital readmission rates to avoid or reduce CMS penalties
  • Track Medicaid and insurance claim denials trends
  • Track Meaningful Use metrics
  • Improve workflow and coordination of care across service lines and departments
  • Improve financial management and reporting, revenue cycle, budgeting, and planning
  • See key performance indicators across service lines and departments

“We use Push Intelligence in the Healthcare space. It is a great way to push insights from legacy EHR and hospital systems.”

Nancy Braun, Director (Zuna Infotech)

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