What is a Data Catalog?

A data catalog is a repository that holds definitions for information assets in an enterprise. It is used to support effective data management by documenting the most critical information. A data catalog helps data analysts and data scientists use data effectively to answer business questions. The data catalog contains technical metadata for enterprise data assets and acts as the single source of truth in the effort to effectively manage data assets.

How do Data Catalogs support Data Governance?

Data governance is the set of processes and technologies that are used to ensure effective management and utilization of data. Analysts and Data Stewards in an organization use data cataloging tools to simultaneously enforce corporate governance policies and to promote the correct usage of data. Typically metadata is extracted from Databases, ETL processes, and some BI Tools and is consolidated in the Data Governance Tool. This information is enriched with additional governance information in order to support the established enterprise metadata management strategy.

Data Catalogs support data governance through the following functionality:

Why a Data Catalog is not enough?

The critical functions provided by data catalogs are invaluable to data analysts and data scientists as they make decisions about which existing BI assets to use in an analysis. However, these tools are inadequate in addressing the full governance needs of the organization because they fail to support the needs of all data consumers in the enterprise. A typical business user will not make use of a data catalog tool as part of his day-to-day work and will therefore not benefit from the wealth of information that it contains. As a result, many organizations struggle to achieve business value from the substantial ongoing investment required to maintain governance data in these tools.

How does a BI Portal extend a Data Catalog?

A Business Intelligence Portal allows organizations to fully leverage their investment in a data catalog. By fully integrating information captured in the catalog and making it available to all users in the enterprise, a fully governed self-service analytics environment is achieved: Portal Image of MI here (add lneage or business glossary below)

Metric Insights' BI Portal
Metric Insights BI Portal
Example of Business Glossary
Example of Business Glossary
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