It’s no secret that organizations are becoming more and more overwhelmed with data, and for the end user, keeping on top of what’s useful and important is an impossible task.

Billions are being spent on creating more and more dashboards and reports, with powerful tools such as Tableau, in the hope that it will solve this problem.

Too Much Data

However the reality is that users are drowning in data, they don’t know what to trust, and there’s just too much out there for them to make sense of. Most give up even trying.

So how do we enable users with information that is actually useful and actionable? One approach is to leverage the work that has already been done in creating dashboards and reports, and to do the heavy lifting for them by automatically uncovering critical exceptions and changes that have happened.

Introducing Metric Insights

Metric Insights does this through Datasets and Exception Reports.

Take a look at the video below to see how you can automatically uncover the exceptions in your dashboards and make sure the right users know about them at the right time.

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